DIY ProjectsHow To Waterseal A Leaky Basement

How To Waterseal A Leaky Basement

How To Waterseal A Leaky Basement A DIY Project

If your basement ever springs a leak this article will show you how to fix it. You will see how to use hydraulic cement to fill any cracks and then cover all surfaces with Drylock. Basements can leak for a variety of reasons. In the case of the article it seems the cement slab floor shrunk just the tiniest bit which caused a small crack between the floor and the cinder block walls.

How To Waterseal A Leaky Basement

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In my basement we had a different problem. We had a very dry summer a few years back and I am assuming the ground shifted because we ended up with a crack in the mortar between the cinder blocks, about half way up the wall but all the way around the basement. We followed the instructions in this article from Bower Power and it fixed the problem.

So if you have a leak in your basement this may solve your problem as well. Ours didn’t leak all of the time but we could see bugs coming and going through the crack. Centipedes and potato bugs would wander in, figure out they had left the earth and wander back out. It gave me the creeps. So even though we were not getting water I wanted those cracks sealed, like for forever.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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