Keeping Water in a Pond With a Pond Liner


If your pond won’t hold water you may need to add a pond liner.
Ponds are beautiful to look at. People who have a love for serenity and own a fair amount of land often add a small stream or pond outside their house. It is great to have a natural pond but often a dug out won’t fill with water due to different reasons.

Keeping Water in a Pond With a Pond Liner

As a solution, people get inclined to build an artificial pond. It adds a touch of nature to a property and can enhance the appearance of otherwise a dull looking area. Artificial ponds are also used for purposes beyond aesthetics, for instance some people install them to breed fish. These ponds are also used for environmental purposes where they can help to attract birds and wildlife. Certain equipment is required to build these artificial ponds like pond liners and pond pumps. In this article from The Pond Guy blog, an answer has been provided for people having trouble with filling up a pond site with water.

A discussion surrounding similar questions follows in the comment section. The post helps people understand how pond liners can be helpful and what a pond site should be like so that a pond liner could be used. The post also provides a link to further information on pond liners. The article is a sort of point you in the right direction aid. The are in the pond business so it is also a way to contact them for a job. The info is good and the comment section has a lot of info that may be of interest.


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