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Make Ahead Platz Mix

Platz is a Mennonite baked good that is similar to streusel. It begins with a cake bottom then your choice of fruit and then a crumb topping. This recipe is for the mix to make both the top and the bottom. It is nice to have it on hand so that it is super simple to put together a fruit platz for dessert or to take if you need a dish for a get together. You can also use the mix to make muffins or coffee cakes. The recipe for the platz from Mennonite Girls Can Cook is for 13 cups of mix which would make 3 or 4 desserts. It will keep in the fridge for three months. It is all the dry ingredients mixed together with the butter.

So when you decide to make something you only need to add the eggs, liquids and fruit. This is nice to have on hand in the summer when you are bringing in lots of fresh fruits that may start to go bad before you can use them, Cut them up and make a platz so you don’t waste that delicious fruit. In winter you can use canned fruits and still make platz. The article gives directions for making the mix to have in the fridge and a recipe for making the platz with various fruits. This is not a sugar laden as a pie so it is a nice way to eat fruit as a baked good.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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