CraftsMake Decorative Garden Art From Bowling Balls

Make Decorative Garden Art From Bowling Balls

This step by step tutorial of how to make decorative garden art from bowling balls is an inexpensive fun way to add a dash of color among your growing plants.

You can find bowling balls for normally less than 5 dollars or less at yard sales, thrift stores, garage sales and yes even bowling alleys. Using rubbing alcohol to get the wax finish off the ball will create a clean ball to start your project with. Sand lightly to rough up the surface, then rinse and dry the ball before decorating.

If you live in an area that gets freezing temperatures over the winter, you will want to bring your ball inside for the winter to avoid the bowling ball cracking. An unheated garage or storage shed will protect it enough to avoid it cracking due to extreme temperatures (freezing and thawing).

Materials suggestions:

  • Flat back glass vase fillers

  • Glass Marbles

  • Broken ceramic tile, mirror, colored glass pieces (beware of sharp edges)

  • Pennies (seal with a clear spray to avoid weathering)

  • Glass Beads

  • Metal Washers

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Make Decorative Garden Art From Bowling Balls
Make Decorative Garden Art From Bowling Balls

Playful squirrels can not knock over these heavy bowling balls unlike expensive glass blown gazing balls.


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