RecipesMake Homemade Strawberry Vinegar

Make Homemade Strawberry Vinegar

Learn how to make homemade strawberry vinegar. Strawberries are popping up on good sales right now. I know a few folks have said that there were a dollar per quart in Aldi stores near them. When I find prices like that I like to buy loads of strawberries. Then bring them home and freeze them. We use a lot of frozen strawberries in smoothies. What I never knew was that you can save the tops as you cut them off to freeze the berry and make strawberry vinegar with them. Look at that gorgeous color.

Make Homemade Strawberry Vinegar

The vinegar would go really nice in a dressing for salads, especially if the salad also had strawberries and pomegranates. And Here We Are Shares instructions for making the vinegar and says you can also use it in drinks and cocktails. I need to make some because now I am wanting to try it on a salad. I totally love the color you get. You can make chive vinegar too, using the purple chive flowers and that vinegar comes out a beautiful lilac color. Imagine a shelf with a row of bottles like this one, each filled with a different color vinegar. It would look like a row of gems. I imagine a lot of salads would be enjoyed there.

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