ChickensManaging Chickens Cold Stress Effects in Winter

Managing Chickens Cold Stress Effects in Winter

Managing Chickens Cold Stress Effects in Winter can help your flock. By learning some valuable information about livestock chicken behavior and other environmental factors that can affect them.

Managing Chickens Cold Stress Effects in Winter

Birds as a general rule do not like the cold or extremely cold temperatures. Most people know that many migratory species of birds will fly hundreds if not thousands of miles south each winter to avoid the extremely cold temperatures.

Unfortunately, for flightless birds like chickens, they don’t have the ability to fly anywhere to avoid the cold. This article was designed to provide information on things that can be done to help chickens manage the effects of the cold and alleviate it as much as possible.

Managing Chickens Cold Stress Effects in Winter

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It goes into great detail talking about how chickens are extremely susceptible to diseases and other illnesses brought on by the stresses related to exposure to extreme temperatures like cold and or heat.


* Benefits of reading Livestock 101: How to prevent cold stress in your chickens

● The author goes into great detail in order to describe how extreme temperatures can negatively affect your livestock chickens

● The article also gives some really good suggestions on how you can make the right changes that will help them better adapt to the temperatures

● The author explains how a clean coop can make all the difference in the world when it comes to preventing the spread of illness among your chickens

In the article, they give advice on how to go about providing them the necessary climate that will help to limit their exposure and to make them as comfortable as possible when it is difficult to control the temperature around them.

Click here to read about how to deal with Chickens and Manage Cold Stress Effects:


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