BeveragesMargarita Mix Up 20 Different Ways To Make One

Margarita Mix Up 20 Different Ways To Make One

           With Memorial day just around the corner it will soon be summer time and to me summer time grilling calls for margaritas. I love frozen margaritas that are like a margarita slushie with that nice salt on the rim of the glass. Mmm ice-cold and citrusy with that salt,, yep that says summer to me. Just in time for the cookout Brit Co has shared a round-up od 20 different ways to get your rita, well they actually shared it for cinco de Mayo but hey, summer lasts longer.

        I want to try every single one of these over the summer because I can’t pick just some and leave any out. They all look good especially the strawberry jello shooters, you get the sweet and the salty plus fresh fruit along with your tequila. If that one doesn’t appeal to you maybe you will like watermelon basil, or kiwi passion or one of the other recipes.

          With 20 to choose from I am pretty sure that if you are wanting a margarita you will find the one to suit you in this round-up. If you have friends coming and you all like regular margaritas you might like  Margaritas By The Gallon. You can make them ahead and keep in the fridge and save a lot of work later in the evening when you have had a couple and don’t want to be running to make more. Which one will you have first?


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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