RecipesMinestrone With Pesto Low Carb Recipe

Minestrone With Pesto Low Carb Recipe

        A lot of people are cutting carbs in their meals now days so this recipe for a low carb minestrone is a welcome addition to the recipe list. A delicious dish that makes six servings and only takes a half an hour to make, so not only is it low carbs it is a quick meal for those days when you want home cooked but don’t have a lot of time. Once you cook it you can make a  basil pesto so you can add a dollop to the top of your minestrone. It you can add basil pesto to something, then it is worth making. Simply Delicious Food shares this recipe that she created for Woolworths which I believe is a grocery store chain in Africa.

         The soup looks delicious and simple enough to make but she does use some words for things that some folks may not know so I will explain. The first is 4 rashers of bacon (a rasher is a slice of bacon)  and then it calls for 4  courgettes ( for those that don’t know, courgettes are zucchini) All the other ingredients are fine and this soup looks so good and its low carb plus quick to make so I think this recipe in a winner.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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