Emergency PreparednessMoms Need to Know About Home Intruders

Moms Need to Know About Home Intruders

This look into what moms need to know about home intruders and a plan to try get their children out safely is a part of emergency preparedness. There is no one article that is going to come up with a perfect foolproof plan, so please don’t assume that it will. But it does have really go suggestions that will get you into a mental state of mind to take this subject seriously.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to this about this subject….

All you need to do is watch your local news these days to know that we are living in very dangerous times. It seems that everyday we are being told about one or more home invasions being perpetrated in even the smallest towns in America. This is a very scary trend and that it could happen to anyone and makes it very scary, especially for women. This is why it is important for everyone to know how to defend themselves.

Moms Need to Know About Home Intruders

There are many self-defense classes being taught all over, however, they may not be for everyone. With that said, knowing what you can do in case an intruder breaks into your home while you are alone or with your children home can be the difference that keeps you alive. This article is filled with 7 very valuable tips that every woman should know.  You may also want to look into gun ownership, training and how to buy a secure gun safe.  Remember, violent criminals are not known to give in into cries and begging for mercy.   This is probably going to be too much reality for most people but if it helps one mother than it will be worth the flack I am sure to receive.

Benefits of following the advice in What Moms Need to Know About Home Intruders

● Includes several important tips designed to keep you and your family safe

● The tips are all presented in easy to understand terms

● It details very important information that includes the laws regarding self-defense

● It has a list of specific self-defense items that can be used to defend your family

Click here to read about what moms need to know about home intruders::


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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