Natural Wood Branch Raised Garden Bed Project

A natural wood branch raised garden bed project is a great do it yourself raised garden bed project that can be made mostly from salvaged tree trimmings. It is an interesting concept if you would like to keep your garden looking organic … almost like you are growing food in a forest.

The Hugelkultur method is normally done by placing branches horizontally then burying the pile of wood with layer small layer of compost then very large layer of garden soil –  planting over it. The wood becomes a slow compost source and also a reservoir of water for dry months.

Well-kept and well-maintained gardens add a bit of color and beauty to your home. This article is on how to make a natural wood raised garden which are extremely popular and very suitable for people who don’t have huge gardens or unlimited budget to be spent on gardens.

Natural Wood Branch Raised Garden Bed Project

This tutorial will show you how to make a wood raised garden using small branches, thick logs and shrubs that you would rather reuse than burn.

Natural wood branch raised garden bed tutorial is divided into five steps that are explained in great detail to make it easier for the readers to follow the instructions. The steps basically involve collecting and planning your raised garden and then creating a sort of frame which will hold your plants or shrubs. Each step is accompanied by illustrations to make it clearer.

Do you see how the this may work into this project ?

It is also a very frugal option….

Therefore this Natural Wood Branch Raised Garden Bed will slowly break down but should last for 4 – 6 years.

Click here to read the article of how to build a natural wood branch raised garden bed project:

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