DIY ProjectsNo Weld Car Rims Fire Pit DIY Project

No Weld Car Rims Fire Pit DIY Project

No Weld Car Rims Fire Pit DIY Project is the perfect task for a weekend project that gives you a place to BBQ.

No Weld Car Rims Fire Pit DIY Project - homesteading - The Homestead Survival

If you want a nice fire pit for the home, consider this project where we don’t have to buy expensive stuff. It doesn’t haven’t to be wooden or so big or requiring to dig a hole deep in the backyard to make this fire pit. For this interesting DIY project for simple outdoor warmth, get the following: twosteel rims of the same size, an angle grinder, thin cut off disks, a pack of thick grinding disks, chalk, and some pliers.

With your two steel rims, one can be a bit smaller than the other, but only by a centimeter at most so it can be easier to use. With the opening, mark it with the chalk, noting that it will be big enough to stick in firewood, but not too big that it could fall in the pit. For bigger rims, notch 3 inches on each side. Next, take off the tire’s lip rim about half an inch, which should be enough for the rim lock with the other unchanged rim. Use the cut off to take the lip out and cut off the opening; grind the wheels to smooth the edges.

Materials and Tools needed for project:

2 Steel same size rims

Angle grinder

package of cut off disks(thin ones, you will probably need more than one disk)

pack of grinding disks (thick ones)


Pliers (if the tires still have valve stem or tire weights)

Lock the two rims together and see that everything lines up before it can be burned for the rims to lock up. A suggestion would be to put on cinder blocks under the rims so nothing burns below, making it easier to drain and clean out when it cool down. This fire pit is quite the design to show off outside and cozy to sit around those chilly nights.

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Melissa Francis
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