Wild Food ForagingPick Your Favorite Foraging Blog

Pick Your Favorite Foraging Blog

Pick your favorite foraging blog from this round-up. There are 18 excellent foraging blogs in this round-up so you can choose a favorite or add these 18 to your lists of favorites. My first choice is Eat The Weeds.  They are very knowledgable and I love reading their articles.

Pick Your Favorite Foraging Blog

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They have one on cattails and I learned a ton of information on cattails from it. They tell us ” One Boy Scout motto is “You name it and we’ll make it from cattails!” Cattails are the supermarket of the wilds. The young cob-like tips of the plant are edible as is the white bottom of the stalk, spurs off the main roots and spaghetti like rootlets off the main roots. They have vitamins A, B, and C, potassium and phosphorus. The pollen can be used like flour.  I like their convenience as a trail nibble, or canoe nibble as it were. Just pull on one and where it pulls from the stalk there’s usually a tasty bite or two. I think the best part, though, are the new shoots off the main root. They’re start out looking like an alligator’s tooth then a pointed hook three or four inches long.”

Then they show you pictures of some of the parts and tell you how to process the various parts. After reading that one article I felt I could both find and use all parts of a cattail, either for food, warmth or fire and even use old stalks to build a shelter. That is the amount of info you will find and that is why they are fist on my list. Our One Acre Farm has done this round-up and they also have Eat The Weeds On the list. Check out the others along with Eat The Weeds and see which you like best. I am not sure I will ever need to eat a cattail but I like knowing that I could if need be.


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