FlowersPlastic Brace Turns Long-Stemmed Flowers Into Their Own Vase

Plastic Brace Turns Long-Stemmed Flowers Into Their Own Vase


Lambert Rainville designed a new reusable invention – a plastic ring with small v shaped pockets turns long stemmed flowers into their own vase.

What a dramatic but lovely new way to display flowers.

Yes, you will still need to add water that has stood out for 24 hours for the chlorine to evaporate totally to give your cut flowers the longest life possible.

Water daily and keep at least one inch of water covering the bottom of the steams.


Did you know that they say roses will live longer in you put the stems in a bowl full of water then cut the tips off at a diagonal angle then quickly add them to vase … or in this case shallow plate.

I wonder if I could find something close to this that I could re purpose ? Any suggestions ?

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