DIY ProjectsPoly Pipe Greenhouse with Above Mist Sprinkler System Project

Poly Pipe Greenhouse with Above Mist Sprinkler System Project

This step by step tutorial of poly pipe greenhouse with above mist sprinkler system project is the best way to maximize plant growth and production while reducing the amount of time you need to spend in the garden.

Poly Pipe Greenhouse with Above Mist Sprinkler System Project

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Go from hobbyist to full-fledged extended season gardener with this DIY greenhouse.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to construct a quick-and-easy greenhouse with a built-in sprinkler system.

Materials for greenhouse:

• 8 star pickets (10 x 1650mm)

• 100′ (30 meters) of 1.25” (13mm) PVC pipe

• 65x 12” (20 x 3.6m) 70% shade cloth

• (optional) post rammer

• (optional) roll of heavy duty polyurethane sheeting

Materials for sprinkler system

• 3 – 90-degree 1 ¼ ” (13mm)corner connections

• 3 – ‘T’ 1 ¼” (13mm) connectors

• 1 – 1 ¼ (13mm) garden hose connector

• 66′ (20 meters) of 2” rural grade green poly pipe

• paracord or heavy-duty twine


1. Spread the posts at 4′ intervals with four on each side (use a post rammer to make the job easier).

2. Cut the PVC pipe into 4 even pieces (25′ for each) and slide them over the posts, creating arches from one side to the other.

3. Drill holes in the poly pipe at regular intervals to create the sprinklers.

4. Create your support frame for the sprinkler system by cutting connecting the poly pipe using the connectors.

5. Run the poly pipe sections with sprinkler holes along the top and along the sides of the greenhouse, securing it to the frame with paracord.

6. Place the shade cloth over the framework, securing it in place with twine or paracord. Any sewing skills you have will come in handy here, but if you’re not sewing-included, simply secure it as it is and cut a slit for the door.

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Melissa Francis
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