Questions To Ask A Homesteading Farmers

Questions To Ask A Homesteading Farmers

These questions to ask a homesteading farmers could benefit so many people so they could avoid mistakes, grow a bountiful harvest and nurture a love for the land.

Questions To Ask A Homesteading Farmers

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There are important questions to ask any farmer when you’re looking for truly sustainably raised foods that support sustainable farms. Here are some things to ask your local farmers:

Poultry Farmers:

• Are your chickens/turkeys raised indoors, confined or on pastures?

• How much time is spent outside by your chickens/turkeys each day?

• What do your chickens/turkeys eat daily?

• Do you give your chickens/turkeys antibiotics?

• Do you give your chickens/turkeys growth promoters, steroids or hormones?

Beef Farmers:

• Are your cows raised on pastures?

• What do you feed your cows other than hay and grass?

• What is the finishing process for your cows? When do they start on grain?

• Are your cows in a feedlot and if so, how old are they when you send them there? How long are they in the lot? What is the population of the feedlot?

• Do you give your cows antibiotics, steroids, growth promoters or hormones?


• Are your pigs raised indoors or on pasture and what bedding to you supply?

• Are pigs born in a farrowing pen on your farm? If not, are the mothers held in a farrowing pen?

• How much time is spent outside by your pigs every day?

• Are your pigs given hormones, feed additives, or antibiotics?

Eggs and Dairy:

• Are cows every given rBGH or antibiotics?

• Are your hens raised indoors, on pasture or caged?

• Are your hens force molted?

• What feed do you give hens?

• Are your cows or hens given any antibiotics?

Vegetables and Fruit:

• Where is the farm that grows your fruits/vegetables located?

• How large is the farm?

• Does it use herbicides, fertilizers on crops or chemical pesticides?

• Is the farm diversified with different varieties of vegetables and fruits?

• Are fruits or vegetables ever genetically engineered?

• Does the farm promote heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables?

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