Raised Grazing Beds For City Chickens


Provide your chickens with raised grazing beds, so they can eat similar to free range county chickens. Homesteading is a rare trait seen in the urban life of big cities. But, people still remain who are determined to carry out old traditions by growing their own fruits, vegetables and keeping some farm animals that can easily be raised in an urban environment.
Raised Grazing Beds For City Chickens

Homesteading is a beautiful hobby to practice these days where technology has taken over our lives and still people are trying to keep their connection alive with nature. Chickens are common farm animals kept by people. They are not extremely hard to raise despite the fact that some efforts are required to raise baby chickens in a healthy way. However, it could be expensive but there are ways through which one can save money and still keep chickens healthily and appropriately.

Chickens are animals that love to graze on fresh greens so one inexpensive way to maintain chickens in an urban environment is to build grazing beds for them. Grazing beds are basically planters covered by hardware cloth. In this article from Attainable Sustainable, Loriel describes about how to build grazing beds to easily provide your chickens with sufficient amount of fresh grazing material without having to deal with much hassle. If you have a raised grazing bed or two you can vary the grains and grasses so your chickens get a variety. Let them have one type for a while then remove those plants and sow a new variety of seed. Your chickens will love it.

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