WoodHow to Remove Wood Stove from Homestead

How to Remove Wood Stove from Homestead

How to Remove Wood Stove from Homestead can be quite informative when replacing or removing a wood stove. In some states such as Oregon, when selling a house – the wood stove must be removed before sale goes through. Often the previous home owner will leave the wood stove in a garage and the new home owner will re-install the wood stove.

How to Remove Wood Stove from Homestead

For that time when you want to take out your wood stove, but consider how to do it yourself without the need to hire someone for the task. The process is not so hard, although it could be a little daunting, so it is advised to make sure – if you want to embark on this yourself, have one or two people around to help out with the heavy lifting.

You would not need anything other than everyday tools like a hammer, screwdriver, working gloves, ladder and a furniture dolly – to move the stove in the end. First would be to remove the top chimney, this is where it could get challenging because it is located at the top of your roof. Once there, you would unscrew that part, then remove the bottom part by prying out the nails holding it, and finally, removing the skirt and the nails holding the inside chimney.

Well that’s it for the challenge, next is to remove the inside chimney which is back inside the house. Using a piece of wood and hammer to loosen its connection, then taking out the bottom piece, leaving only the heavy lump of the wood stove to finally carry out. It is advised to disassemble as much parts of the stove as you can to make the transport with the dolly easier.

This step by step guide is to help DIY enthusiasts to solve such a problem whenever the need arises. It could be easier to hire, but it is more interesting doing it yourself – just be careful.

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