GardeningRevitalize Garden Soil by Chop and Drop Method

Revitalize Garden Soil by Chop and Drop Method

Revitalize Garden Soil by Chop and Drop Method is essential for adding nutrients to your soil so that you can grow beautiful and luscious vegetables

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. Here is how to do it:
• In the summertime, you would need to plant Fava beans in rows. Fava bean bulbs are known as a nitrogen fixer as it leaves blobs filled with nitrogen, in the roots in the soil. Plants that are planted after the fava beans, would have the nitrogen filled blobs to make use of. You should weed the soil in the first week after planting and ensure that you water the seeds often.
• When the Fava beans plants begin to flower, chop them down and disperse them throughout the soil, spreading them as though you would spread mulch.
• By April, plant buckwheat where the fava bean mulch lay. This is usually done in three rows, while you wait on your summer crops such as bell peppers and eggplant are ready to go into the soil.
• When you are ready to plant your summer vegetables, chop and drop some of the buckwheat so that you can make room to plant the crops.
• Leave some of the buckwheat so that both the buckwheat and the crops would bloom at the same time, attracting insects for pollination. You can then chop and drop the buckwheat when the summer crops start getting larger.
Chop and Drop replenishes the lost minerals of your soil and is commonly called green manure. You can use other plants such as spinach and mustard if you can’t find the flava beans or buckwheat.

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