Food Storage & SkillsSaltwater Brine Fermented Old Fashion Pickles Recipe

Saltwater Brine Fermented Old Fashion Pickles Recipe

This saltwater brine fermented old fashion pickles recipe is homemade food storage skills at it’s best. Saltwater brine pickles taste better those pickled in vinegar.

Saltwater Brine Fermented Old Fashion Pickles Recipe - food storage

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Vintage salt and watered pickles is a food that goes back to the our grandparents and great-grandparents.Barrels and jars of these pickles were delicacies back then; today, there is a fashionable name for them – the fermented pickle – as such foods are trending as popular in today’s food lovers.

However, they’re the same exact thing as a salt and watered pickle, but the name has changed. Fermented foods are preserved, and vegetables are known as a fermented food before refrigeration, freezing, and the invention of the Mason jar allowed foods to be kept longer. The old way of doing things would place their foods inside barrels with salt and water – hence the name.

How to make homemade fermented pickles? Stir salt and water inside a jar, stick the pickles inside with a bit of space on top, and stick something heavy on top to hold the pickles below the surface of the water/brine so they don’t mold up. Spin the lid on top to keep oxygen out, place the jar in a fairly warm area, and let it sit for 4 days. If it bubbles and seems cloudy, that’s a good sign. After 4 days, taste the pickle. If not totally perfected, let it sit for a few more days.

After fermenting, move the jar to a fridge and remove the main lid and replace with a metal canning lid to keep it fresh post-fermentation for a few months.

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