DIY ProjectsSecret Hidden Compartment in Computer Tower Project

Secret Hidden Compartment in Computer Tower Project

How to Create Secret Hidden Compartment in Computer Tower Project is a simple yet genuis way to safegaurd vaulables in this step by step tutorial.

The fascination with secret hidden compartments stirs a clandestine desire to either hide items or if you are slightly naughty…. to find them.

Here are the tools and materials for this hidden safe:

* Tools: utility knife, screwdriver, hot glue gun and paper clip

* Materials: graphic cardboard, hot glue and the old cd drive

Step 1: Disassembling the Old CD Drive – To start with, take the cd drive out. It is opened the side of the computer and unscrewed the two screws which hold the drive together. I manually open the cd using a paper clip. Then, there are quick release buttons you can press to remove the plastic from its metal case.

Step 2: Taking out the Stuff we need for the Compartment – From the CD drive I disassembled, I have set aside the CD drive’s metal box and the front plastic part with the buttons. I also kept the volume wheel along with the headset jack.

Step 3: Making the Drawer – It is reassembled the front of the CD drive, making it look exactly the same as it was before. I got the cd plate then sealed it in to create the base of the secret drawer. And, I just needed to create a frame for the drawer so I did it using a graphic cardboard.

Step 4: Reassembling the CD Drive – Finally, I reassembled the cd drive back. In order to have a space from the side, I pushed the CD a few millimeters back so I now have the sides intended for the glued frame.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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