Solar Heated Hot Water Shower


Make your own hot water for a shower. When it comes to the use of alternative sources of energy, the sun is one of the most often used. One of the the reasons is due to the overabundance of it availability and after all it is free. The only trick is to how you go about harnessing the power of the sun for your specific needs. The way you setup the collector will depend on the type of usage whether it is for heating of water or producing electricity. This DIY project will be introducing the reader to a solar powered hot water system.

Solar Heated Hot Water Shower

This Do It Yourself project is by Tecwyn Twmffat on Instructables. The project was presented in way that was extremely easy to read and to understand. All of the stuff necessary to get started can easily be gotten from almost any supply or hardware store. While it is relatively easy, it does require a bit of DIY skill to complete the project.

Benefits of reading and following the Solar Heated Hot Water Shower

Learn how to cut down on your electric bill by showering with solar power.
The project includes a complete list of all the needed materials, supplies and tools.
It includes a fully downloadable plan with a step by step instruction guide.
You will also find numerous full color pictures that help provide a good visual of the project.


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