DIY ProjectsTow Behind Race Car BIKE TRAILER DIY Project

Tow Behind Race Car BIKE TRAILER DIY Project

This RACE CAR Tow Behind Bike Trailer DIY Project will get the whole family get outside for bike riding fun, once completed. This comfortable race car seat trailer features padding and support for little passengers …. you can even add a 5 point safety belt just like a real race cars have.

Tow Behind Race Car BIKE TRAILER DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Frugal Homesteading

A popular things for parents on bikes is to bring their young child, about age two, with them by attaching a carriage on the back so it is easy to turn and drag along. A creative idea would be a trailer that is designed like a race car. It is lightweight and will take some time to complete it, but it is a nice design that makes it cool for the child. Building it properly is painstaking, but safety is key in accommodating a young child.

Get an old jogging stroller, make a sizable trailer layout, and build the main body out of hardwood with the proper dimensions you have designed. It all depends on the size of the child. The trunk lid, tow bar anchors, hitch, and wheels (also size dependent) are then attached on the bottom of the body. Then, comes the trunk lid to carry your stuff inside. Using a large plastic barrel, cut circular shapes that serve as wheel covers. Install the seat in the cockpit with foal and vinyl fabric to make it safe and have a safety belt attached.

The last parts include the safety strap, rear reflector, and paint job that makes the bike trailer look really cool. Have an idea of what colors you want and design along the exterior, sand it out with sandpaper, and add in the finishing details of the trailer’s look. Finally, attach it to the back of the bicycle and drive along with your child riding in it. It’s that simple!

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Melissa Francis
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