DIY ProjectsTuning Up an Old Woodworking Handplane Hand Tool

Tuning Up an Old Woodworking Handplane Hand Tool

This step by step tutorial and video of the process of tuning up an old woodworking handplane hand tool project will restore a vintage tool. As with any precision tool there will come a time that it will need to be adjusted also referred to as tuning. This will need to be done periodically to ensure that it is working properly. This article was designed to help any woodworker be able to tune their own plane and save themselves money instead of having to take it to a professional in order to have tuned.
Tuning Up an Old Woodworking Handplane Hand Tool

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Properly working tools are the single most important thing to anyone who enjoys woodworking. This is especially true when it comes to specialized hand tools. The Jack Plane is an example of a hand tool that is commonly used by wood craftsman. This tool can be used to accomplish a number of tasks that involve reducing the thickness of a piece of wood by hand.

Benefits of Using the Tuning A Hand Plane Article

● Shows how to adjust (tune) a Jack Plane in order to accomplish different tasks

● Includes a full list of all of the necessary tools, supplies and materials needed

● Has a complete easy to read and follow instruction guide on how to complete it
<h3.● Article includes numerous full color photos and diagrams that depict several of the steps

Click here to read about the process of tuning up an old woodworking handplane hand tool:

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