DIY ProjectsUse Pool Noodle for Shopping Cart Baby Safety

Use Pool Noodle for Shopping Cart Baby Safety

How to Use Pool Noodle for Shopping Cart Baby Safety is a simple frugal hack that can give a clumsy baby a protective barrier.

Use Pool Noodle for Shopping Cart Baby Safety

This is a problem many mothers and even fathers can relate to. Babies have this natural urge to put anything they see straight into their mouth. And if it is something they can’t move, they will take their mouth there. They often enjoy it.

Materials and Tools needed:

Pool Noodle


Of course, a shopping cart is not an exception. Hygienically, it is not good for babies to munch at any part of a shopping cart. A lot of mothers have this problem. The writer also had the same problem with her baby. Even though she sanitized the cart then, she was still not comfortable. She wanted a final solution. One day, an idea struck her and the idea became the solution that you are about to read.

After implementing it you will be able to put your baby in the shopping cart without worrying about him munch at the metal again. It was a pool noodle that did the magic. Just go through the details and see how you will go about it. Make sure you share it because it solves a common problem.

How to Prevent Your Baby from Munching the Metal Frame of a Shopping Cart

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Melissa Francis
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