BeveragesValentines Drinks Recipes

Valentines Drinks Recipes

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if you and your valentine are staying home or sharing the evening with other couples, here are a few Valentines drinks recipes that you can make especially for the day. They all feature the color of the day and there the similarity ends. This is everything from jello shots to a magical love potion that you create with tiny pieces of dry ice for the magic effect. Make the drinks memorable an Valentine’s day and have fun while you do. Make them for just the two of you or for a crowd of folks celebrating the day.

Valentines Drinks Recipes
Valentines Drinks Recipes3

Valentines Drinks Recipes2

Valentines Drinks Recipes1

Valentines Drinks Recipes4


I think my choice of the Valentines drinks might be the champagne float, it looks good but so do the others. Might be hard to pick one.


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