DIY ProjectsWinter Homesteading Projects and Skills to Keep Busy

Winter Homesteading Projects and Skills to Keep Busy

These Winter Homesteading Projects and Skills to Keep Busy will do just that….. keep you busy till spring.

Winter Homesteading Projects and Skills to Keep Busy

The winter may not be your best, but you should not just be sitting around waiting while wrapping yourself in a blanket. Staying behind on stuff is not good and this may be the time to do some stuff. You can go through the drawers cleaning out junk, repair things, shred and dump papers you don’t need, downsize your closet and basement, and organize things. Look at your kitchen for a start.

Then, take a look in your freezer and your pantry shelves. You should know what is there, what is really needed, and what has to be used instead of sitting there to rot. Winter is the good time to look at all of that. Plus, you can use what you have for any cooking for the holidays and efficiently use what is in the freezer and on the shelves. Winter is a great time to baking goods like bread, which freezes well and is always good to have if there is no time to buy a new loaf.

Obviously, in the winter, nothing will grow, but planning ahead with the collection of seeds is still good to do. You can buy and order certain stuff while cheap and before being sold out. Look at any damaged floors or walls, and if you are a DIY person, go ahead and fix it. Plan ahead for the spring by getting things planned out when the season returns. How about just exercising and keeping in shape? Learn some things to make you more intellectual. Don’t sit there and freeze.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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