550 Paracord Friction Saw Demo (vs. 1" and 2" tubular webbing) and How To Make The Best Paracord Bracelet Period

This was neat to watch. I did not know you could use paracord as a saw but Estela wild Ed shows that it can be done. This just might be another reason to make yourself a paracord bracelet.
Make your own bracelet with instructions from A Oat survival.


550 Paracord Friction Saw Demo (vs. 1″ and 2″ tubular webbing)


Best Paracord Bracelet Period!!!





550 Paracord – Five Colors 100 Feet Total

Paracord Planet Paracord Survival Bracelet Project Sunny Colors Combo Kit with 100 Feet in 10 Colors and 10 Buckles

550 lb Paracord Survival Bracelet-5 Sizes-Over 12 Colors-Weaved over 6 Internal Strands(Recommended for Men)-Reversable

Adjustable 550 lb Paracord Survival Bracelet (One Size Fits Most 5″-6.5″ Wrist) 15 Colors-Reversable-7/8″ Wide (Neon Pink and Black, 5″-6.5″ Wrist)


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