RecipesA Savory Mexican Style Monkey Bread

A Savory Mexican Style Monkey Bread

Make some of this delicious Mexican style monkey bread the next time you make a pot of chili or soup and everyone at the table will ask you to make it again because it is that good. It is full of mozzarella and Mexican cheese, green chilis and jalapenos if you like them and some other savory herbs and spices and it is so good you might just eat it and forget the bowl of chili that is sitting in front of you. I have had monkey  or (pull apart )bread before but it was always the sweet kind, which is also very good but if you are like me and you like hot cheesy bread then you are going to love this savory version.


It even looks delicious and when you have it baking in the oven you just want it to hurry and be done because it smells so good. It is simple to make because you use biscuits from the tube (unless you just insist on making your own) and then it is just a matter of mixing it all together and then putting it into your bundt pan and baking. Absolutely delicious. Nest Of Posies shares this recipe.


Get the recipe>>>>>>      A Savory Mexican Style Monkey Bread

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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