DIY ProjectsBeginning Blacksmithing Brake Drum Forge DIY Project

Beginning Blacksmithing Brake Drum Forge DIY Project

This beginning blacksmithing brake drum forge diy project is pieced together with scrounged materials and a great way jump into this hobby frugally.

Beginning Blacksmithing Brake Drum Forge DIY Project

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A drum brake uses friction by pressing on the inner surface of the drum with its pads. It is common on automobiles and in blacksmithing as a bowl to mold many things that involves heat. For a homemade brake drum, get a 9-inch brake drum, attach a 5-inch iron drain to it, and slide a bolt through and secure it with a washer and nut. If necessary, or affordable, drill aligned holes for the bolt.


9 inch brake drum

4 inch wide pipe flange that fits onto a 2 inch pipe

Two threaded pipe nipples

2 inch end cap (To catch the ashes)

2 inch tee joint

1 foot long section of 2 inch steel pipe

5 inch wide cast iron drain

Bolts,nuts, and washers to hold stuff together

You will also need to run the forge:

old hair dryer

Charcoal or coal to use as fuel

4 large cinder blocks to set it up on

Next, comes the pipe assembly. Get a foot-long section of what will be the air intake pipe and screw in the pipe nipples. On one of them, lightly screw on the end cap, as this will catch any ashes that fall from inside the forge and make it a lot easier to clean up after the brake drum is finished. Tighten the pipe assembly and screw it onto the pipe extension that sits at the bottom of the brake drum.

Set the forge up with stacks of cinder blocks close together and slide the air intake pipe through a hole on the side. Fill the forge with charcoal and light it with a hairdryer (yes, a hairdryer); warm it up for 10 minutes before heating up the metal in the fire. From there, anything can be made and created from within the forge. The cost of the tools needed is about $85, but what can be made after will save money in the long run. It is an interesting Do-It-Yourself project.

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