Build ItBuild A Backyard Bread Oven

Build A Backyard Bread Oven

Follow these instructions to build your own backyard bread oven in 3 days. You can choose to build it right on the ground or as pictured on a platform of cinder blocks to bring to a better working height. I love the story Cathy Wilson tells on why she and her husband came to build this oven. It was really interesting. The thing about this oven aside from being a great adobe oven in your backyard is that once you know how to build it, then if you ever needed to build one for survival you would know how to build one. If you had o spend a long time off grid knowing how to build this oven could help you to survive by providing a way to cook any game or meat or bake with wild flour like acorn flour. Cathy shares the tutorial on Grit.


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