DIY ProjectsBuild Between Wall Studs Shelving DIY Project

Build Between Wall Studs Shelving DIY Project

How to build between wall studs shelving DIY project is an amazing way to not let any space…. go to waste. Sometimes the answer to lack of storage space is hiding in plain sight and you need to know where to look. This DIY project shows that you can easily turn an unfinished section of a wall into plenty of storage space.

Build Between Wall Studs Shelving DIY Project

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Materials and tools needed for this project:

pallet wood
hand saw
2″ nails
safety glasses
measuring tape
Brad nailer
chop (miter) saw

For many people running out of storage places in their home is something they are always dealing with. Unfortunately, a solution to the problem may not be as easy to come up with.

The author of this do it yourself project discovered this idea when they were looking for a way to create some additional storage. They had some leftover lumber from an old shipping pallet, but you can easily pick up the necessary lumber and other supplies from most any local hardware store. The project is extremely easy to follow and does not really require a whole lot of DIY skills to complete it.

Benefits of using the Build Between Wall Studs Shelving DIY Project

● Use it to create additional storage without taking up any extra space

● Project includes a complete list of all the necessary material, supplies and tools

● Features a fully downloadable plan with step by step instruction guide

● Has several full color pictures that will provide a visual representation of some of the steps

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