ChickensBuild Homesteading Coop for De Chickens Project

Build Homesteading Coop for De Chickens Project

How to Build Homesteading Coop for De Chickens Project is another way to frugally add poultry livestock flock housing. It is ventilated for the summer and warm in the winter.

Build Homesteading Coop for De Chickens Project

Sometimes necessity brings out your creativity. This article is about making a chicken coop. The coop took delivery of some baby pullet chicks and needed a coop. They went in search of coop and found out how expensive a coop is. They decided to build their own.

The coop is 6′ x 4′ x 6′ with a 2′ fenced platform. 2″ x 4″ pressure treated wood was used for the base and regular 2″ x 4″‘s for the rest of frame work. The coop platform is completely fenced in with 1/2″ hardware cloth covering both the sides and bottom with the end opened into the run. No digging rodents are getting in there. Flooring is 3/4″ OSB and roof is 5/8″ OSB with roofing felt and 1 pack of black asphalt shingles.

They searched through the internet until they found one they like. They used it as a guide. The platform of the coop has been fenced to prevent digging rodents from getting inside. It took about eight good weeks to finish building the coop.

Such a coop would cost the couple a fortune if you paid a master caperter to build it for you. Apart from the amount they save by building theirs, they were able to build exactly what they want. No ready-made chicken coop will be exactly like that. And giving a contract for a customized coop could cost even more. You save a lot of money when you are able to do certain tasks by yourself.

When you take a look at the coop, it is quite doubtful that the builder did not have prior carpentry experience even though this will be his first shot at building a chicken coop. While you can take note of the dimensions of their coop, you don’t have to use the exact dimensions. Your own dimensions should be determined by the number of chicks you want to house and the amount of space in your compound. You can take the time to read it and share it immediately after.

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