DIY ProjectsBuild a Wood Pallet Hay Feeder for Homesteading Animals

Build a Wood Pallet Hay Feeder for Homesteading Animals

How to build a wood pallet hay feeder for homesteading animals is an easy weekend project that anyone can build. Salvaging wood from wood pallets is a great way to keep the cost of the whole project inexpensive.

Build a Wood Pallet Hay Feeder for Homesteading Animals

Goats are known to be very messy when it comes to eating. They usually stack up a lot of hay and throw it on the ground most of which, ultimately, becomes too dirty for them to even ingest. So it always highly advised to have a hay feeder if you have or are planning to have goats or other even other cattle.

If you have come across the prices of hay feeders in the markets you would know that they are very expensive. Usually, for an average hay feeder, the prices start from a minimum of $110 and can increase up to almost no limits. But even if you do find a hay feeder having reasonable prices you will have many troubles with it. Either the hay feeder will be too big for your cattle to eat out of or it will not fit correctly in your confined area.

For some hay feeders the rings are too far apart that if the hay doesn’t fall off itself the goats or cattle can easily pull it out, thus, there is no use for such a hay feeder.

After such tiring and irritating experiences in finding the durable, good working and economic hay feeder, I simply gave up. I decided to make it on my own using the barn wood and tools rusting in my garage. The following article takes you step by step through the journey of how I built my own hay feeder.

The article as all the information you need to build your own hay feeder in a very easy and economic way. There are mentioned all the tools and appliances you need, all the calculation has already been done and all the measurements mentioned. All you need to do is give a thorough read to the article, follow each step carefully and get ready to make your own hay feeder.

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Melissa Francis
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