DIY ProjectsBuild Your Own Backyard Earth Outdoor Oven

Build Your Own Backyard Earth Outdoor Oven

This step by step tutorial of how to build your own backyard Earth outdoor oven is a fabulous way to use a wood to give bake crusty breads, tasty pizzas and roasted meats that special flavor.

There’s something about a pizza that comes straight out of a brick oven that can make anyone start drooling. The slightly burnt flour and the beautifully melted cheese with the fresh toppings. It’s delicious! Unfortunately, most times you have to go to a fancy restaurant or Italy to get those types of mouth-watering pizzas. Unless, of course, you use this tutorial to build your own earth oven that can be set up in your backyard.

Brick ovens are usually what are used to make pizzas, but they are extremely expensive to make and can take forever to make. This tutorial walks you through how to make an earth oven, which is constructed using inexpensive and easy to find materials. And, it’s simple enough that you can do it yourself. Of course, it’s extremely fun to put together, so you might want to grab your family or your friends to help out.

For this tutorial, you’ll need:

– Straw Bale
– Fire Bricks
– Perlite
– Coarse Sand
– Wheel Barrow
– Tarps
– Shovels
– Glass bottles
– Bricks and Rocks
– Water
– Clay

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Build Your Own Backyard Earth Outdoor Oven
Build Your Own Backyard Earth Outdoor Oven

While you’ll probably have to wait a few weeks in between some of the steps, most of the work can be done in one day. And, if you want to cut down the drying period after you’ve added your insulation, you can build small fires inside the oven.

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