CanningCan Your Own Beef Strogonoff

Can Your Own Beef Strogonoff

          Can your own beef strogonoff and once you have it canned and on your pantry shelf you will be able to put a delicious cooked beef dinner on the table in the time it takes to boil the noodles. Making this beef strogonoff will make dinner a breeze and still give you the nice meal made with beef and it is something you could serve to guests and look like you spent hours cooking for them. I love beef strogonoff over noodles but you might prefer it over mashed potatoes or even rice.

Can Your Own  Beef Strogonoff


This will go well on any of them. Another nice thing about canning it is that you can pick up the items needed when you find them on sale. Iowa Sue shares the recipe and she says that is what she does. She will buy and cut up the beef and then put it in the freezer until the mushrooms are selling at a decent price and then she will buy them and make and can the strogonoff.

        I can’t wait to make some jars of this for the pantry shelf. It is so nice to pull out jars of main entree and a jar of vegetables and serve the family a complete meal in minutes knowing it is all healthy, homemade food with no artificial or chemical additives.

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