Canning Gorgeous Pear Jelly


Make your own gorgeous pear jelly. Jellies and jam are a common part of breakfast and they make a great treat if you want to have a light snack. So many times jellies have come to our rescue when we were extremely hungry and there was not much in the fridge except that jar of jelly. There is a wide variety of jellies that is available in the markets. There are so many brands and unique flavours that fill the whole aisle in a supermarket. However, it is not really that hard to make a jar of jelly at home.

Canning Gorgeous Pear Jelly

 These are much healthier and have that fresh taste that market jellies often lack. Preparing jellies at home is a fun as well if you are one those enthusiastic cooks who love to have their own produce in the backyard and prepare stuff from scratch. In this article from Things We Make website, a link is provided where you can learn how to prepare pear jelly. The author calls it pretty pear jelly as it has this appetising honey colour and jewel like texture.

This is a great read if you have a collection of windfall pears and want to make something tasty out of them. This recipe is from the UK and they don’t usually water bath can jelly. In the US not canning is a no-no. To water bath can this jelly you would fill the jars leaving a quarter-inch head space. Make sure the jars are covered with water 2 inches above the tops of the jars and then boil for 10 minutes. Then you know your jelly will be safe.


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