Cedar Panel Fence Over Chain Link Privacy DIY Project

This Cedar Panel Fence Over Chain Link Privacy DIY Project is valuable knowledge no matter where your homestead is,…..urban, sub-urban or rural. “Good Fences, Make Good Neighbors.”

This article and DIY project was designed to introduce the reader to a unique way to create a wooden privacy fence without having to remove your current fence.

Cedar Panel Fence Over Chain Link Privacy DIY Project

Wooden privacy fences have become more and more popular these days as our homes seemingly get closer together. Unfortunately, traditional wooden privacy fencing can be extremely expensive, which means if you have a large yard around your home it can be really expensive to replace your existing chain link fence.

This Do It Yourself project was created in order to help fellow DIYers by offering an easy to follow the way to turn any chain link style fence into an instant privacy fence.

The project describes all of the necessary stuff that is needed to be had on hand in order to get started and also has an easy to follow step by step instructional guide that covers everything from start to finish.


Supplies and Tools – Per Panel:

Two 1″x3″x6′ boards, twelve cedar planks at 6′ each

50+ 1.5″ finish nails

two 1-5/8″ IPS Galvanized Pipe Straps (simpler than the ones I used)

four 2″ bolts with nuts, four flat washers

drill and 1/4″ drill bit


square ruler


twine or bungee cords


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