Crock Pot French Toast With a Dash of Rum Recipe

Crock Pot French Toast With a Dash of Rum

Set this crock pot French toast with a dash of rum (don’t worry, the alcohol cooks off) up when you go to bed and in the morning simply serve with some warm syrup. They will ask for this every weekend. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. No matter what, you must have a healthy, energizing breakfast to get you through the day and especially the mornings. Mornings usually keep you on your toes and with so much to do, cereals or corn flakes are the quick option. But nothing beats good ol’ eggs. You could have something different everyday with eggs.

Crock Pot French Toast With a Dash of Rum Recipe

Eggs are highly nutritious and being rich in proteins, eggs are the best way to start your day. Quick and healthy, eggs are the most common option. Apart from eating solely eggs, you could get bit creative and throw in something different every time or various kinds of bread so that you and your kids not get bored and still have yummy eggs.

Indulge yourself in a hearty breakfast over the weekends and surprise your family by following this interesting recipe at Cook Top Cove that will get your kids straight out of their beds and right into the kitchen. The great thing about this recipe is it will all be done at the same time so you can eat with the family. Add some eggs, fresh fruit and yogurt, have a healthy breakfast and get a delicious start to the day!


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