HomesteadingDifferent Types of Woods and Homesteading Uses

Different Types of Woods and Homesteading Uses

Here is a look into different types of woods and homesteading uses such as firewood, tool handles, axles, spokes, wagon wheel hubs, ashes for making lye soap, roof shingles, split rail fencing, furniture and homeopathic remedies. This is exciting information for homesteaders.

Different Types of Woods and Homesteading Uses

Most of the wood found in a piece of furniture is obtained from the trunk of trees – solid wood. The more you know about the uniqueness of wood and their immediate uses, the better you understand its importance in providing warmth and beauty in a homestead. One of the few things in the world that can be owned by anyone is furniture made of wood.

Every wood has its own grain pattern with is an uncommon masterpiece of splendor, texture, and design. As a homesteader, you can be proud to know that you are the only one in the world who owns a wood product with a unique grain pattern and inherent beauty. As a matter of fact, any given piece of furniture can acquire more beauty and character from what some may be seen as a natural blemish or defect such as a knot.

The beauty and strength of the finished piece depend on the type of wood you choose. Just so you know, not all woods are the same. There are many varieties of wood available with their own unique properties.

Here is the most amazing log splitter that we use on our homestead – WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter (Buy Here from Amazon).

We have 2 firewood sheds that we have to fill each year and that is a lot of hard work. Buying the right tool to do the job, makes all the difference.

These include:

– Ash: used for shovel handles, rolling pins etc.

– Cherry: used for making furniture

– Maple: used for making drawer knobs, spoons, fiddles etc.

– Walnut: used for making furniture

– Pine: used from making window frames, furniture and flooring

– Locust: used for making craft items and posts

– Oak: used for making baskets, fires, roof shingles etc.

– Hickory: commonly used for making tool handles

– Chestnut: used for fencing, furniture, construction, doors etc.

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