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DIY Corner Shed

If you are planning to build a backyard shed soon, check out this diy corner shed and see if that is what you would like. I saw this and I wish I had seen it before we built our shed. I would have loved to have a shed in the corner with pretty flowers planted around the front. We have ours sort of in the middle back along the fence.

DIY Corner Shed

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This one looks 99 times prettier. What is neat is that it wasn’t actually built as a corner shed It began as an 8×8 shed and then Jake and Karen cut off one corner for the door area. That cut is what made it fit in the corner so nicely.  When you start thinking about building a shed you may be tempted to buy a shed kit that you just assemble.

While these may take a little less work they cost a lot more. Especially if you can get some of the materials needed to build, like the windows that they got free to use on this shed. This one is build very well, even the roof has a vent to let the heat out.  I am still really loving that it is in a corner and it looks nice but I am still picturing flowers all around. If you don’t need a shed but you have kids, you could put the windows a little lower and this would make a neat playhouse for them. You could put up a little mailbox and the flowers and maybe even add a little deck with rockers. It would look totally adorable.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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