RecipesDrunk Fireball Whiskey Root Beer Popsicles Recipe

Drunk Fireball Whiskey Root Beer Popsicles Recipe

This Drunk Fireball Whiskey Root Beer Popsicle Recipe is a delicious intoxicating twist on a party frozen treat. As a bonus, there is also a Dirty Pirate Jack Daniels Popsicle recipe to make for your next BBQ party on a hot summer day with family and friends gathered for a little light hearted fun.

Drunk Fireball Whiskey Root Beer Popsicles Recipe

There are not a whole lot of options for adults when it comes to summertime treats. However, if you and your guests are up for a very interesting adventure, you can bring back great childhood memories of eating popsicles in the summer to cool off.

This article was designed to introduce the reader to a unique and interesting snack made for only adults since it contains alcohol.

The article and the included recipe for the unique “adults only” popsicles are designed to help their reader come up with an interesting snack for a hot summer day. The recipe includes a list of all of the necessary ingredients and a guide that helps describe the preparation from start to finish.

~ Ingredients:

2 cups root beer (Barts or A & W are my favorites)

1/4 cup Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey

1 1/2 Teaspoon of fresh squeezed Grapefruit Juice

~ Instructions:

Mix Fireball whiskey, root beer, and grapefruit very well in a pitcher

Take the mixture and pour into popsicle molds

Freeze overnight and enjoy a boozy adult lickable treat.

All of the information that is contained in the article makes it really easy to read and understand.

~ Benefits of reading the article Homemade Recipe: Drunk Fireball Whiskey Root Beer Popsicles Recipe

* Discover this great tasting adult snack that is perfect for those hot summer days for cooling you and guests down when you are all enjoying some outside activities

* The recipe is really easy to follow with a short list of ingredients that you will need to have on hand in order to make them.

* The recipe also includes a quick and easy to follow step by step instruction guide that describes everything you need to do

* There are some full-color pictures that are designed to provide that reader with a good visual reference for the article

Are you into Jack daniel’s instead …… the recipe below is for you.

Click here to read about an added BONUS RECIPE of “Dirty Pirate Jack Daniels Popsicles”:

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