ChickensDuck Drinking Water Bucket Homesteading DIY Project

Duck Drinking Water Bucket Homesteading DIY Project

This Duck Drinking Water Bucket Homesteading DIY Project is a great way to reduce “messy duckies” watering location.

 Duck Drinking Water Bucket Homesteading DIY Project

For duck lovers, they know what they need to survive and this is plenty of water. They live on it for the most part, so they will drink it and bathe in it. Ducks do what they want in the water because it is their natural habitat. For their bills, they dip in it to keep it moist and let them eat easily. They are not like chickens where we can just use a dropper to feed them. Those who own ducks and care for them, especially when they are ducklings, have to change the water twice a day to help them clean and drink and swim. So, you have to get a duck waterer.

For this Do-It-Yourself project, buy a new, clean five-gallon bucket. Cut out three holes around the top of the bucket and those high enough to have room on the bottom for water, yet low enough for the ducks to stick their bills in to get that water. Be careful with cutting because it can be a hazard.

With the bucket, it can be difficult to hold down; have a second person there to help and get a working tool to cut out the holes. A Dremel tool works the best, but if you can find a better tool, use it.

After you make your three holes, sand down the edges to make it smooth. Those holes, remember, should be big enough to stick their bills in it, but small enough to prevent their waste from getting in their water. Food could still fall in, but it does not affect their water.

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Melissa Francis
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