DIY ProjectsEarth Bag Mud Plaster House DIY Project - Off The Grid Earthbag...

Earth Bag Mud Plaster House DIY Project – Off The Grid Earthbag Home

This Earth Bag Mud Plaster House DIY Project – Off The Grid Building Free Course & Free Downable Books resource is an amazingly generous gift to the world from a woman who has done it herself and wanted to inspire others.

Earth Bag Mud Plaster House DIY Project - Off The Grid Earthbag Home - Homesteading - The Homestead Survival

As the name says, this is building a stable, livable home for people to get involved in building. It sounds crazy, but there are pros to it. Mud was the basis of many other structures before stone, then steel because the main source. Plus, people are thinking about making things all natural living in the outside world.

This is where mud becomes a valuable source. Concrete causes a massive carbon footprint and does work well with drainage, making things damp. For the foundations, build a trench half-meter deep, fill it with rocks or a pipe with plenty of holes in them, and lay gravel on top.

On top of the house, you need to make living roofs. Add plenty of rainwater to mud and it’s very heavy. While the weight can be a concern, mud roofs give great insulation against heat and cold, can be the setting of a beautiful garden, are inexpensive to build, and shields the home from large sounds, fires, storms, and invading UV rays. There are different kinds of living roof. The intensive roof is heavy duty, over four inches thick, and allows to make a garden. Extensive roofs are easy to make and thinner but need to be maintained more.

Sections of “Free” Course and “Free” Downloadable Books to help you learn how to build your own home:

Earth Bag Building

Living Roofs

Gravel Foundation

Off Grid How To

Earth Plaster

Mud as Mortar

Stone Wall Building Basics

Lime: Hydrated? Hydraulic? Quick or Putty?

Mud Hut Blog…. read what others have built – Tour their finished homestead homes.

And, for the walls, you need to make earth plaster. 20 to 30 percent of clay should be in the mix, keeping the plaster together; mix with topsoil and straw. Then, add sand and lime, and you have your wall putty to use. The basics of the mud house is easy as math.

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