DIY ProjectsHomemade Chicken Dust Bin from Wood Pallets

Homemade Chicken Dust Bin from Wood Pallets

This homemade chicken dust bin from wood pallets is an essential tool to add to your chicken coop run so your chickens can naturally groom themselves preventing mites (external parasite).

Mites can be black, grey, dark brown bugs found at the base of the feather near the skin. Mites will leech blood from chickens causing anemia and eventually death.

Symptoms that mites may be affecting your chickens: decreased activity, pale comb, changes in appetite, reduced egg production, weight loss, redness on the skin and ragged looking feathers.

Adding wood stove ash and sand to your chicken dust bin is so amazing… give your chickens what they need to stay healthy. (Do not use BBQ coals ash)

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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