DIY ProjectsHow To Upgrade an Old File Cabinet

How To Upgrade an Old File Cabinet

This step by step tutorial of how to upgrade an old file cabinet is a fabulous functional piece of furniture for your home office or craft room.

An old filing cabinet can be painted and remade into a unique storage container for craft supplies, office or school supplies, and more. Old filing cabinets can be purchased from Habitat for Humanity stores, or even found on internet advertising sites. It doesn’t matter if their paint is chipped, or peeling, as you’ll be sanding and repainting it.

A minimum of materials are required to make your project. Chalkboard paint, and latex and oil based paints will be your main purchase. Paint brushes, and rollers will make painting easier, as well as painter’s tape.

Half of the work will be in prepping the cabinet, to make it ready to take the paint. You will need to have all the hardware removed, to make painting easier. It will need to be sanded, and then given a good cleaning and drying.

The hardware can be painted in contrasting colors to the surface of the filing cabinet. These pieces will be reattached after the entire filing cabinet is dry. The final step will be to paint the entire filing cabinet, and this will be done easily with the use of a paint roller. Certain areas of the cabinet may need to be covered with tape. It may be easier to paint lighter colors first, tape it off, and then paint it over with the darker colors.

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How To Upgrade an Old File Cabinet
How To Upgrade an Old File Cabinet

Having a repurposed filing cabinet that looks fresh and new will inspire you to keep your craft projects neat and tidy.

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