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Homemade Choco Bar Summer Vintage Recipe

Everyone likes to eat Choco bars from shops, but you can also enjoy a homemade choco bar summer vintage recipe with three ingredients only. It is a fun and straightforward way to make a choco bar at home.

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Almost all people of every generation love ice creams, but chocolate-based ice cream or chocolate bars are at another level. Trying a homemade choco bar summer vintage recipe with three ingredients only is a fun activity to do this summer. Because you can store it for some time as well, start your summer by making this wonderfully simple recipe.

3 Ingredients of homemade choco bar

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  •    Vanilla ice cream
  •    The chocolate sauce
  •    Nut topping

Here are some essential and basic tips for making a choco bar at home with the above three ingredients. The first chocolate sauce which you are using must be at room temperature just before dipping. If the chocolate is not at room temperature, then vanilla ice cream would start dripping out. In the last step of nut topping, you can use any nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios. Nut topping is in your hand; use the nut which you like most.

You can store it for 15 days to 1 month in the freezer. But if you keep it for over one month, it may lose its creaminess and start becoming hard. It is recommended to serve it as soon as possible.


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Useful points for a homemade choco bar recipe

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Chocolate must be cool before dipping the ice cream into it. Otherwise, ice cream can melt due to the hotness of chocolate.

You can also use white chocolate for coating.

Use chocolate of good quality for great taste.


This homemade choco bar summer vintage recipe with three ingredients is an easy recipe to try, so start your summer by making choco bars at home. I hope you enjoy this read and if so, then please share this write-up.


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