DIY ProjectsHomemade Homesteading Train Bed DIY Project

Homemade Homesteading Train Bed DIY Project

This homemade homesteading train bed diy project is carefully detailed in this step by step tutorial for a playful child’s bed. It is just so adorable and your child will love the unique and realistic touches you can place on their train bed. You can find some great inspiration and instructions on creating just such a bed below.

Homemade Homesteading Train Bed DIY Project

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A child’s room is one of the best ways to dig into your creative side. Your simple carpentry talent can create an object or characters as well as your natural creative and handy skills. Like with any other room of your home, you will find that you can do a lot with a child’s room to bring out your child’s passions and personality. For example, your child loves trains and all that goes with them. What better way than to create for him his very own train bed!

Major Tools needed:

Air Compressor
Brad Nailer
Staple Gun
Scroll saw
Miter Saw
Table Saw
Table Router

Materials (approx):

3 – 4×8 1/2″ MDF
4 – 1×4 Pine Boards
4 – 1.3 Pine Boards
6 Lag bolts
Cap Nuts

As you can see from the pictures within this tutorial, this train bed will be the envy of many commerically made beds out there. You can choose the same colors as the ones used within the pictures or pull from one of your child’s own collection to make it even more special.

In order to make this bed, you will need some materials and supplies to get started. First and foremost, you will need plenty of wood in a few different sizes as well as some nuts, bolts, glue, and the paint you will use for your child’s new train bed.

You can also buy a train bed and accessories:

Train Bed

Furniture of America Alleny Train Bed, Twin

Thomas the Train Sheet Set – Twin

With such a perfect bed for any child that loves trains, this bed will certainly make his day when it’s finished and ready for sleeping and playing.

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