CanningHomemade White Peaches Canning Recipe

Homemade White Peaches Canning Recipe

This delicious homemade white peaches canning recipe is a wonderful way to create food storage in mason jars for fruit in the winter months.

Homemade White Peaches Canning Recipe

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A lot of beginning canners are intimidated by peaches and other fruits. The multi-step process seems complicated, but I assure you it’s really not. Anyone can can delicious white peaches and enjoy them all year long. Here’s everything you need to do.

You will need:

Ingredients –

• white peaches

• white sugar

• vinegar

• Water

Materials –

• Canner (canning pot)

• quart jars

• Saucepan

• Jar grabber

• Knife for quartering

Instructions for making syrup:

To can peaches, you need syrup. All you need to do is fill each jar with roughly an inch of hot water. Then stir in ¼ of sugar into each until completely dissolved. That’s it!

Instructions for canning:

1. Cut peaches in half to remove the pit.

2. After removing the pit, cut them into quarters (or halves, your preference).

3. Fill each jar, leaving approximately an inch of headspace. The pour in enough hot water that it just covers the peaches.

4. Make sure you’ve carefully sterilized your lids and rings before screwing them on.

5. Now boil your jars to seal them thoroughly.

6. After 30 minutes, use the jar grabber (or canning rack if your canner has one) to carefully remove each jar.

7. Set them in an out-of-the-way spot for 24 hours.

8. Check each jar to make sure the safety button has depressed, indicating that the jar is properly sealed.

So you see, while there may be a few steps involved, it’s really not a difficult process at all. The only truly tricky part is not eating all your preserves right away!

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