HomesteadingHomesteading Couple Builds a Tiny House

Homesteading Couple Builds a Tiny House

This homesteading couple builds a tiny house in an effort downsize, become free from a 30 year mortgage and a home that is mobile. The structure includes sleeping area, bathroom, living area, food preparation and dining all inside of the small, compact space. The only thing that is missing is permanent connections to services.

If you are kicking around the idea of a tiny house for yourself, this article is filled with plenty of food for thought when it comes to many of the important things you will need to consider.

Homesteading Couple Builds a Tiny House

In case you have not heard of them before, Tiny Houses refer to small structures that range in size from 100-400 sq ft and are normally built on a trailer frame. The concept of Tiny Houses is relatively new, but it is really starting to catch on in many parts of the world. One of the big reasons often given by people who have made the switch from their full size home to a tiny house is to reduce their carbon footprint.

● Article sheds some light on several aspects of a Tiny House

● The article describes several ways scaling down to a Tiny House can save a person money

● Includes several full color images used to reinforce some of the subject matter

Click here to read about how this homesteading couple builds a tiny house:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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