ChickensHomesteading Hoop Chicken Coop Amazing DIY Project

Homesteading Hoop Chicken Coop Amazing DIY Project

This Homesteading Hoop Chicken Coop Amazing DIY Project is a great way to build an inexpensive large roomy coop that provides shade in the summer and blocks wind in the winter.

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Give your chickens a more permanent home for all seasons by building them a Homesteading Hoop Chicken Coop. Materials and generally inexpensive and you can construct it yourself to save on labor cost.

To build a hoop coop, you would need to measure the area you wish to build it so that you can estimate the amount of material you would need to purchase. You may want to draw out a plan with exact measurements.

Essentially, you can use wood to build the bottom of the frame as well as for the posts to bolt the fencing on. Remember to leave an area in the front for a door, which you can also build using fencing, wood and some hinges.

Materials List

2- 4″x6″x16′

12- 2″x6″x10′

5- 4″x4″x6′

15- 2″x4″x8′

5- 52″ Combo/Cattle Panels

2- 48″x50′ ½”x ½” Rolls of Hardware Cloth (3 rolls recommended)

3- 1lb. Boxes of 1 ½” Galvanized Fencing Staples

2 ½ lbs. of loxit rings with tool

4 lbs. of 3 ½” Decking screws

3 lbs. of 2″ Decking Screws

1 lb. of 1 ½” Decking Screws

2- Double Joist Hangers

16′ of ½” Pipe insulation

1-50′ roll of sill plate gasket

2- Heavy Duty Bolt Latches

1 Door Handle

3 Heavy Duty Hinges

1- 12’x16′ Heavy Duty Truckers Tarp (Tractor Supply Company)

Apron (optional):

100- 1 ½” Galvanized Washers

1 lb. of 2″ Decking Screws

1- 24″x50′ ½”x ½” Hardware Cloth

100- Turf/Sod Stakes

Building Instructions Base-

Materials Needed:

3 ½ inch screws

2- 4″x6″x16′

2- 2″x6″x10′

1. Find center line of both 2″x6″x10’… mark 4’4″ of each side of this center line

2. Attach both 2″x6″x10’s to ends of the 4″x6″x10’s with the 4″x6″x10’s on the outside of the lines. (You should have 8’8″ inside to inside of your 4″x6″x10’s)

3. Level and Square the base. **(DO NOT install inside 2″x6″x16′ joist at this time)**

Once you build the frame and posts, you can start installing the fencing around the posts. Instead of making it in a square or rectangular pattern, you can choose to lay out the fencing so that the hoop coop is cylindrical.

Completely cover the top and sides with fencing and install the door. To make this a four seasons hoop coop, drape the fencing with hardware cloth and attach it securely. Do not drape it to the front where the door is installed.

All you need to do now is to build a two-level structure on the inside, for your chickens so that they can lay their eggs. Ensure that you leave an opening and a walkway for them to access it.

To keep predators out, out may want to install two strands of electrical wiring on the outside.

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